zaks auctions

looking to consign?

we are always looking for new consignors. short-term, long-term and one-timers! we are also always looking for re-sellers who need an additional outlet
our consignment specialist team is here at your fingertips

we will gladly accept most items as long as they are in good condition.  


stagnant inventory

  • slow moving inventory?

  • excess inventory you need to unload and rid of? 

  • maybe that project didn't go as planned? 

  • you need storage room

  • you need to make real estate space available for new products in your business place?

  • our buyers are from all over north america


moving and now what

  • are you downsizing from a home to a condo or apartment?

  • parents are going into a LTC facility?

  • you and your special partner are conjoining and need to unload your duplicate household goods and furniture

  • we use different platforms to maximize the sale of your items


hobby & specialty

  • we all collect - just differently 

  • soda and advertising

  • coins

  • comics

  • license plates

  • dolls

  • sports collection

  • cars & car parts

  • anything & everything


business closures

  • it happens, and that's ok

  • we can work with you at your facility 

  • we take complete inventory

  • mass market your auction

  • we target north america - not just locally

  • you do nothing ~ just relax and do what YOU have to do to tie up loose ends | leave it all up to us

zaks auctions

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wondering how all this happens? send us an email and will respond to your every question promptly
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